Highland Beekeepers Fruehwirth KG

(Die Hochland Imker)

The company “Highland Beekeepers Fruehwirth KG” was founded in May 2004 and entered into the company register at the Commercial Court in Linz, Austria. The owners (shareholders) are Dipl. Ing. Peter Fruehwirth as fully liable partner in a limited partnership and Doris Fruehwirth as the limited partner.

The Headquarters:

The company’s headquarters are located in within the municipality Pfarrkirchen im Muehlkreis,
Altenhof 64,
A-4142 Pfarrkirchen i.M.
District of Rohrbach


Tel: + 43 (0)676 52 64 080 (Peter Fruehwirth)
E-mail: office@diehochlandimker.at The best way to contact us is by e-mail. We promise to reply promptly.

Business objectives:

The purpose of the business is the joint running of beekeeping as well as all connected activities furthering the aims of the company.
The beekeeping company produces original products such as honey, beeswax and propolis. From these products we produce, for instance, fine mead. In co-operation with other partners we also produce fine vinegars, fine brandy and sparkling honey wine.
Our aim is to capture the characteristic flavours of the areas where our bees collect their honey. We only use the honey collected by our bees in the Muehlviertel of Austria and this honey is the basis of all our Highland Beekeeping specialities.