Doris and Peter Fruehwirth’s Beekeeping Business (Apiculture)

We live in the south western area of the upper Muehlviertel – high above the Ranna valley. In 1999 we settled in the village of Altenhof – 600 m above sea level. We look after 90 to 100 bee populations in various beehives at differing sea levels of 450 to 900 metres.
From our honey estate we harvest honey and propolis and of course also fresh dark yellow, intensely scented bees wax. Here we also ferment the honey of the HIGHLAND BEEKEEPERS into mead and bottle it. Here we also produce the basic wine for the HIGHLAND BEEKEEPERS’ honey vinegar, fine honey brandy and sparkling honey wine "extra dry".
Because of the special location at the south western slope of the Pfarrwald, which is located on the ridge of a densely forested mountain (just over 900 metres above sea level), we are able to erect the hives in many different foraging zones. By foraging zones we mean sources of nectar and pollen, as well as the honey dew from deciduous trees and conifers. And these zones are our bees’ territories. Each zone represents specific flora with its own typical honey characteristics.
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