Mead – the World of Honey in fine Wine

We use honey made from flowers for the refining into honey wine – also called mead. In relatively small vats of 300 litre we use yeast to finish the process. Therefore we are able to use smaller quantities of special honeys. Again and again we are astonished by the nature of honey at different times of the year such as, for example, honey with the smell of linden tree flowers from the winter linden trees of the Ranna valley, or darker spicy honey from the area of the Haslauer Moor in Waldviertel. We are, therefore, able to take care personally of the fermentation process and also guarantee the individuality and quality of our highland meads.

Honey, Spring Water and Pure Yeast Cultures

… and nothing else. We do not add any spices so, we are able to guarantee that you can experience the authentic taste of the highlands, and that the seasonal characteristics of our honey are preserved.
The water for our honey is obtained from tested, natural springs which originate in the large woodland area of the “Pfarrwald” (Parish Forest). The Pfarrwald in the municipality of Pfarrkirchen in Muehlkreis is the eastern-most and highest foothill of the Passauer Forest.
Choosing the right yeast is based on a lot of experience and is part of the secrets of a fine mead. We only use pure yeast of French and Austrian origin.
Empfehlen Drucken